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We are not offering chef internships at this time. However, please e-mail Robert at if you are interested in a Franchise Opportunity or Cafe Restaurant consulting.

Raw Chef Certification and In-House Internship

One and Two Week Programs available! Empowering people to change the world one meal at a time!

  • 1 on 1 instruction for 5 OR 10 days with Rawbert's Sous Chefs
  • Totally hands-on. You will prepare our entire menu!
  • Chef Manual and exclusive Recipes
  • Certification and a Letter of Recommendation upon request

While we have had several dozen candidates take our program for assistance with a raw enterprise (catering, cafe, fitness trainer, health coach, etc) over half of our interns have sought these skills for gourmet raw un-cooking at home, many having no previous cooking skills. This is the definitive fast track to making amazing raw treats and savory items for yourself, family and loved ones. To date, we have had over 200 individuals (or couples) go through our program from all over the world. A 1/2 dozen students from Korea have attended our internship as well as individuals from Germany, Australia, England, Ireland, Vancouver, Toronto and Nova Scotia! And we couldn't be happier about this since part of our vision from the beginning is to spread this knowledge around the globe! 

With the completion of this program you will not only possess the skills to make amazing food at home, but to work at other raw food restaurants, where you will likely be able to improve their kitchen operation from all of the innovative proprietary secrets you will learn from Rawbert! With any one of our internships, you´ll learn how to make delicious pizzas, burgers, crackers, tortillas, pies, cookies, chocolates, candied nuts, granolas and many other raw food recipes! 

Since this is a working internship in a real rawfood restaurant kitchen, in addition to the on-the-job instruction everyday along with answers to all of your questions, you receive lots of hands on reinforcement to critical chef skills like rolling out crackers, crusts & wrappers, slicing and dicing vegetables, and operating equipment. 

Here are just a few career possibilities which our interns have pursued: 

  • Private Chef
  • Restaurant Chef/Owner
  • Nutrition Educator - great to combine with other healing modalities
  • Raw Food Instructor/Coach - again can combine with therapeutic bodywork or fitness coaching
  • Raw Food Caterer
  • Raw Vegan Food-Truck Operator
  • Cottage start-up wholesale/retail company with a few specialty raw products at farmer's market
  • Spa Chef
  • Recipe Book Author

What you´ll learn

  • Learn and receive exclusive recipes including pizza crusts, crackers, raw spring rolls & burgers!
  • Time saving techniques for a wide array of innovative dehydration procedures
  • How to safely and effectively handle commercial equipment
  • Soaking and germinating an array of nuts, seeds, grains and legumes
  • Efficient ways of making dressings, sauces and spreads/nut cheeses
  • Process vegetables with knives and other tools
  • Rawbert's Chef training manual
  • 1 Hour of Q & A with Rawbert himself plus there is usually some daily interaction with Rawbert depending on the given week.
  • You may also take advantage of:
  • how to take inventory and manage production
  • The ideal way to set up a commercial raw kitchen

While it is recommended to train 1 or 2 consecutive weeks Tuesday to Saturday, 7:30/8:00 am to 3 or 4pm each day, you may start with 2 of 3 days, from Tues to Thurs, and then arrange to complete your internship on other days of the week including Saturdays and Sundays.

If you can work straight through, this may help to reinforce your training and allow you to feel the rhythm of production based on the real flow of a working restaurant.  A one-week internship receives our Chef Basics Internship Certification (30+ hours), while two-weeks receives our Associate Chef Certification (for that we like to see our interns complete at least 65 hours of training; this can be met in under 10 days, so occasionally an intern with a scheduling conflict will only do 9 days of our program). We also can often accommodate an intern who can only take off 1 week at a time and wishes to split up the program.

We can only train 1 or 2 (max.) individuals at a time, therefore reserve your spot quickly in order to get in cue for your preferred dates! We are typically booked solid 2 or 3 months out in advance. 

2-Week Program: $2500 50% off price, now $1250 
1-Week Program (same chef manual and techniques): $1700 50% off price, now $850

Reserve your spot

I guarantee you will be satisfied or you will receive the additional training necessary to get you 100% totally happy and satisfied. (Really, how could it be any other way)

During their training Professional Chef Candidates receive our staff discount of 50% off all regular menu items and 25% off bottled beverages. You are also allowed free iced or hot tea. This is of course in addition to the sampling you will do with our Sous Chef!

Internship Application

The cat's out of the bag. Rawfoods will only continue to take-off, increase in demand, and hit critical mass. Raw restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, catering, retail foods, institutional use, etc, is only just beginning. 

Now is the time to position yourself to take massive action in healing yourself and others. The rewards will come of their own accord.