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Where it started

Rawbert's journey began in 1994, when he was impassioned by the desire to save the life of his 33-year-old sister-in-law Elizabeth to terminal cancer (she lived 1 1/2 years longer than 2 month diagnosis). It was at this time that Rawbert threw himself deep into the study of holistic medicine, nutrition & digestion, and natural lifestyle & hygiene.

This ultimately led Rawbert to raw foods and the conclusion that a mostly organic, vegan and raw food diet supported a properly alkaline, hydrated and oxygenated body & circulatory system and could easily provide an abundance of living nutrients; vitamins, enzymes, minerals, essential amino acids and fatty acids. 

The loss of his sister gave his life a purpose and the information he discovered changed his life from a meat and potatoes tax accountant to a vegetarian health educator. Prior to founding Organic Garden Cafè, Robert Reid ventured out to serve in more of a teaching capacity. 

He conducted recipe classes, held various seminars and produced prolific writings on the Restorative Power of Natural Foods and Holistic Healing.

Eyeing enough of a national shift towards healthy living and eating options, Robert decided to open his restaurant and to apply his culinary abilities to the purpose of proving to people that healthy food can not only provide great physical benefits, but also be both aesthetically appealing and extremely delicious.


The Grand Opening

Organic Garden Café opened to the public on December 22nd, 1999, the winter solstice. 

Rawbert always feels the sincerest obligation to site the contributions and support of his
life-long friend, James Pistorio of Lake Tahoe, NV (formerly a MA resident) for his contributions in establishing and continuing this venture. 

He is also thankful to raw foods advocate, Robert Yarosh, who also assisted in the initial design of the restaurant.

Robert continues to move forward in his personal campaign to reach more people and bring greater health to a wider audience. The wave starts with a ripple.