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We offer you the new wave in
Healthy Gourmet Dining

The Human Body is Self-Rejuvenating. This Restorative Power is yours with Enzyme-Rich Vibrant Cuisine. We prepare each dish with great care.

Little Works of Art are delivered to you bursting with flavor and prepared from scratch with fresh Certified Organic Vegetarian (no-dairy or animal products) whole foods and no artificial or processed ingredients of any kind. Our Wine and Beer are also Organic.

Rather than frying or cooking in traditional high heat ovens, we do safe low heat "cooking" in state of the art dehydrators. The subtle flavors, delicate nutrients and enzymes in the food are protected by our innovative preparation techniques.

Organic farmers and your digestive system work so hard to deliver the flavor, nutrients and enzymes of nature's bounty to the living cells in your body. And so Organic Garden also works hard to keep the food truly vibrant for you. (Only our hot soups, wrap bread and spring roll
wrappers undergo high heat.)

Enzymes play a phenomenal role in digestion and all of the body's metabolic processes. When they are destroyed at temperatures over 118º, all of our vital organ systems are greatly taxed. With all non-vegetarian and non-vegan meals, foods must in fact be cooked well at temperatures typical over 165º to be safe of the devastating bacteria often found in these items. This high heat unfortunately also destroys most of the nutrients and all of the enzymes.

We place emphasis on the purity of each recipe and operation. Meals contain no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. Food is high in assimilable proteins and essential fatty acids found in the nuts, seeds, greens, veggies & sprouts we use. Our salt is hand harvested, low in sodium, mineral-rich and good for the body. We strive to use only eco-friendly cleaning & paper products.

We recycle. We purify our water to .5 microns. Food Safety Codes are exceeded and include excellent staff hygiene habits and cleanliness of all our operations. Enjoy with friends‚ the rejuvenating un-compromised richness of the purest foods nature has to offer.

Mission Statement

Organic Garden Café has chosen food as  our focal point since it is the very first way we connect to nature and honor all of life. We acknowledge this connection as a basis  for health & peace within the individual body, which then extends to the community. We honor the earth, farmers and ourselves  through our use of pure organic ingredients, eco-friendly products & sustainable business practices. We recognize the body as a self-healing organism. We offer you the leading edge of gourmet and medicinal rejuvenating cuisine.