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Welcome to Organic Garden Cafe

a cafe for conscious eating

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We are dedicated to providing truly pure and vibrant food. Requiring not only a sound approach procedurally to buying, storing, & handling, but an intuitive approach moment by moment to the daily use of our whole foods in recipes and on the plate. As we constantly ask the question: 'Is it fresh, pure nourishing?, Are we happy with this? Will the customer love this?'

Are you vegetarian?

We are 100% vegetarian and vegan (we use no dairy or animal products of any kind). Our concept is taking gourmet health food to an uncompromised new pinnacle. One in which you don't have to sacrifice anything in flavor and you feel great after you eat. With that kind of "win win" situation, we see this style of cuisine fast on its way to becoming the New Wave in Healthy Dining.

Do you use only organic ingredients?

We use only certified organic ingredients with the exception of some of our spices which come from Frontier, the highest quality spices in whole foods markets.

How do you prepare your food?

Our gourmet food is prepared fresh daily, from scratch with whole foods and no highly processed ingredients of any kind. We use innovative no or low heat "cooking" techniques, to protect the vibrancy of the food while bringing out the unique and spectacular flavors. If there is anything that we can do to improve the quality of our food we will do it, and no cost is prohibitive.