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Open Thanksgiving Day!
We are open Thanksgiving Day from 11 to 3pm (must be seated by 3pm).
To make a reservation call 978/922-0004


On this day we feature a Pay-it-forward menu.
Purchase any salad, bowl or Thanksgiving Dinner
from $0 to full value or more on our limited
menu. The limited menu will include entrees from our Thanksgiving Dinner, salads, and bowls of
the day.

In the spirit of this special day, we also will have a community table for those who wish to make new friends and share glad tidings! Make a reservation and let others know you are coming!

Our gourmet raw meal will feature:
The UN-Turkey
Pecan Mushroom Gravy
Cranberry Relish
‘Mashed Potato’
Vegetable Garlic Sauté w/ green beans & carrots

We'll also make sure to have plenty of butternut squash on hand for soups and Harvest Bowls.

In order to facilitate a large crowd, this day will not offer table service or a full juice bar. Come and be part of a joyous event and history in the making!