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About Our Ingredients

We are dedicated to
providing truly pure and
vibrant food. Requiring
not only a sound approach
procedurally to buying, storing,
& handling, but an intuitive
approach moment by moment
to the daily use of our whole
foods in recipes and on
the plate. As we constantly
ask the question: 'Is it
fresh, pure nourishing?,
Are we happy with this?
Will the customer love this?'

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Online Prices subject to change
Available weekdays after 4pm and weekends after 10am

Appetizers/Sides           Soups                Bowls            Entrees

  Lunch Specials              Salads              Wraps              Pizza

Not available weekdays 10am-4pm.

The Sampler
Assortment of our menu items includes sunseed croquettes, falafel, hummus, and portobello burger 15.95

Nut Butter ‘Squash’ Ravioli
Heated raviolis in red beet ‘shells’ with rosemary walnuts, and cashew alfredo 17.95

Caesar Salad
romaine, flax & veggie croutons with a cashew dressing & faux 'parmesan' 12.25 add portobello loaf - 3.00

Cheez ‘Burger’ Plate
Sunseed or portobello burger, kale chips, sauerkraut with a
choice of a raw ‘bun’or toasted bread 16.95

Especial Mexicano
Try our Mexican entree of the day by our raw chef 16.95

* Items may contain gluten
Please communicate any serious food allergies to your server.
18% Gratuity added to parties of 6 or more