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About Our Ingredients

We are dedicated to
providing truly pure and
vibrant food. Requiring
not only a sound approach
procedurally to buying, storing,
& handling, but an intuitive
approach moment by moment
to the daily use of our whole
foods in recipes and on
the plate. As we constantly
ask the question: 'Is it
fresh, pure nourishing?,
Are we happy with this?
Will the customer love this?'

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Organic Coffee
Choose either our regular or decaf blend. Large 2.50

Mem Tea
Pair any of our loose leaf tea's with raw honey, coconut nectar, stevia, cashew creme,
almond or soy milk, or half n half, free of charge. Check out our varieties below.
Cup $2.75/ Pot $4


English Breakfast (OP Organic)
Rare full-leaf black tea from East Africa used extensively in English Breakfast blends.
Bright and Fragrant. Caffeinated.

Blue Flower Earl Grey
Black tea flavored with soothing bergamot oil (from the citrus family) and accented
with blue cornflower petals. Classic blend of tea and fragrance. Caffeinated.

Chai Spice
Our own recipe for the traditional Indian heavy bodied black tea with an exotic spice mix, including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and ginger. Caffeinated.

Thai Tea
Inspired by the iced Thai Tea served in Thai restaurants and tea from wild tea trees growing in the north of Thailand, this exotic drink combines slightly smoky China black teas with rare spices and herbs. Caffeinated.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate
This very popular and traditional tea of South America contains “mateine”, a mild stimulant related to caffeine. Noted for its health and nutritional benefits, the flavor of mate is earthy, smoky and reminiscent of sweet pumpkin. Contains mateine.

Green/ Flavored

White Peony (Pai Mu Tan)
White tea is the least processed of all teas, retaining a maximum of the beneficial elements.
This rustic leaf is savory and sweet with characteristics of green, oolong and black teas. Caffeinated.

Kukicha (Japanese)
Finest quality of so-called “twig tea”. Manufactured from delicate twigs, this green tea is buttery,
nutty and not as fussy to brew as other Japanese green teas. Low caffeine.

China Green (Jade, Organic)
This delicious everyday organic green tea with long twisted leaves yields a buttery liquor
with a variety of vegetal flavors and a subtle sweet finish. Caffeinated.

Premium quality (Yin Hao) China green tea infused with the scent of jasmine flowers,
producing a fragrant, delicate cup. Perfect for afternoon or dessert tea. Caffeinated.

Moroccan Mint (Organic)
Organic China Gunpowder (rolled) green tea with a balanced addition of high quality organic Peppermint; aromatic, rich and refreshing. Takes sugar well. Low caffeine.


Crimson Berry
This herbal tea is a lively harmony of hibiscus, elderberries, grapes, currants and rooibos, creating a fruity tea with a deep red color. No caffeine.

Lemon Chamomile (Organic)
Herbal tea, blending the green apple flavor of chamomile with the zing of lemon grass and the floral nature of lavender flowers, yielding an aromatic and flavorful variation of the standard herbal infusion. Calming. No caffeine.

Peppermint (Organic)
Bright, stimulating and refreshing herbal tea, with subtle and complex flavor notes. Good for digestion. No caffeine.

Rooibos Decorated (Vanilla Orange)–Organic
“Red Bush” herbal tea from South Africa, blended with orange & vanilla.The orange-red liquor is aromatic with a citrus-like sweetness.Very healthy. No caffeine.

Rooibos Flowers
Unique, mostly organic blend of un-oxidized “green” Rooibos, red Rooibos, orange peel, linden, lavender, chrysanthemum and cornflower petals. The appealing yellow-orange liquor is fresh, floral and fruity. Very healthy. No caffeine.

* Items may contain gluten
Please communicate any serious food allergies to your server.
18% Gratuity added to parties of 6 or more