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About Our Ingredients

We are dedicated to
providing truly pure and
vibrant food. Requiring
not only a sound approach
procedurally to buying, storing,
& handling, but an intuitive
approach moment by moment
to the daily use of our whole
foods in recipes and on
the plate. As we constantly
ask the question: 'Is it
fresh, pure nourishing?,
Are we happy with this?
Will the customer love this?'

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24 hour notice or more for all orders. 48 hour notice on pies and special items. 1 Week notice preferred for delivery and on site catered services. Delivery fee added as applicable and service fee for catered functions. Call (978) 922-0004 to schedule your order.

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Raw Power Pizza
Our sprouted buckwheat crust is dehydrated to perfection with sesame, flax, and Italian seasonings. Topped with our cashew ‘mozarella’, and toppings based on your selection.
Each pizza is 8 slices.
$23.00/ pizza
$22.00/ pizza (cost per pizza with purchase of 3 or more)

Nut Butter 'Squash' Ravioli
Heated raviolis in red beet ‘shells’ with rosemary walnuts, and cashew alfredo
$43 (1/2 Pan, 24 Ravioli)
$80 (1 Pans, 48 Ravioli)

Other Entrees
Other entrees such as Lasagna Squares and Nut Loafs, Meetballs & Zucchini Linguini, or Mediterranean Feast require minimum number of people and should be discussed with the chef or owner. They may be plated or served out of food pans in some cases over heat if desired.

* Items may contain gluten
Ask to make any menu item gluten free
Be sure to inform us if you have any allergies
All orders must be made 24 hours prior